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Making a Stock Gift to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation

The following steps should be used when making a gift of stock to Pi Kappa Phi Foundation:

1.    Inform your broker that you wish to make a gift of stock to Pi Kappa Phi Foundation through our broker, Wachovia/Wells Fargo Securities (this can be done on-line).  Your broker will need the following information:

•    Pi Kappa Phi Foundation brokerage account number: 7356-9815
•    Wachovia/Wells Fargo Securities DTC (routing) number:  0141

2.    When requesting this transfer from your broker, please state that you wish to include the comment “This is a gift of stock from YOUR NAME’. This will help our accounting of your gift once Wachovia/Wells Fargo receives it.

3.    Your stock gift will be valued by the average price of the stock on the day that it is received in our brokerage account.  (Unless instructed otherwise, all stocks will be sold immediately upon receipt.)

4.    If you are holding an actual certificate of stock, simply transfer the certificate to Pi Kappa Phi Foundation and mail it to:

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation
P. O. Box 240526
Charlotte, NC   28224

Attn:  Marvin S. Hackney, Chief Financial Officer