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David Morgan "Extra Mile" Scholars Program

Benefiting the Beta Omicron Chapter at Northwestern State University


David D. Morgan ScholarsThe David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” Scholars Program is funded by and named for Beta Omicron alumnus David D. Morgan. An entrepreneur, an insurance executive, and a leader within his industry and his fraternity, Brother Morgan has spent a considerable portion of his life helping others to be successful. Whether through the offering of insurance products to association members across the country that help provide a greater peace of mind or through his volunteer work with several Pi Kappa Phi chapters, Brother Morgan’s demonstrated commitment to helping people (especially his Pi Kappa Phi brothers) is a trademark of his personality.

Distilling the lessons he learned growing up in Louisiana (including hard work, industriousness, and self-determination) into the heart of this program, the David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” Scholars Program occurs semi-annually now for undergraduate students of the Beta Omicron Chapter. Since its launch in 2008, over $40,000 has been given in grants to over 35 of these students.


Every spring and fall, The David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” Scholars Program recognizes those students from the Beta Omicron (Northwestern State) Chapter who not only apply themselves in the classroom but also in life by going the “extra mile” in all they do.

The total number of recipients and grants for the chapter vary each semester.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be an initiated member of the Beta Omicron (Northwestern State) Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Northwestern State
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Complete a Points Worksheet
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an employer verifying employment (if applicable)
  • Submit application to Beta Omicron's Chapter Advisor, Doug Ireland, for discretionary points
  • Complete the entire application

Previous Recipients: 

Spring 2017
Noah Naudoin (Spring)
Michael Dailey (Spring)
Jacob Guidry (Spring)
David Johnson (Spring)
Thomas Marlbrough (Spring) 

Spring and Fall 2015
Wesley Bray (Fall)
David Johnson (Fall)
Tyler Robinson (Fall)
Zack Cockerham (Spring)
Sean Austin (Spring)
Austin Craft (Spring)
William Devall (Spring)
Manton Capers (Spring)
Michael Dailey (Spring)

Spring & Fall 2014
Kyler Halbert (Spring)
Kolt Kays (Spring and Fall)
Manton Capers (Spring and Fall)
Zack Cockerham (Spring and Fall)
Sean Austin (Fall)
Anthony Hunter (Fall)
T.J. O'Rourke (Fall)

Spring & Fall 2013
Jake Bryan (Spring)
Scott Mayeaux (Spring)
Sean Austin (Spring and Fall)
Kolt Kays (Spring and Fall)
Zack Cockerham (Fall)
Kyler Halbert (Fall)

Spring & Fall 2012
Chase Harvey (Spring)
Michael Monsour (Spring)
Scott Mayeaux (Spring and Fall)
Ryan Jeffords (Spring and Fall)
Jake Bryan (Fall)
Sean Austin (Fall)

Spring & Fall 2011
Kyle Duhon (Spring)
Ryan Jeffords (Spring)
Jon Lee (Spring)
Scott Mayeaux (Spring)
Tyler Stahl (Spring)
Chase Harvey (Spring and Fall)
Kevin Bruce (Fall)
Cody Cloud (Fall)

Spring & Fall 2010
Christopher Alley (Spring)
Charles Messick (Spring)
Marcos Silverio (Spring)
Nate Willison (Spring)
Kyle Duhon (Spring and Fall)
Chase Harvey (Spring and Fall)
Jon Lee (Spring and Fall)
Kevin Bruce (Fall)
Jon Wallace (Fall)

Spring & Fall 2009
Kyle Duhon (Spring)
Kyle Domangue (Spring and Fall)
Cody Bourque (Fall)
|Kevin Bruce (Fall)
Brad Deville (Fall)
Chase Harvey (Fall)
Alex Miley (Fall)
Britt Richey (Fall)
Garrett Webb (Fall)

 Spring & Fall 2008
Chad Hancock (Spring)
DJ Klucznik (Spring)
Collin McKnight (Spring)
Adam Upshaw (Spring)
Britt Richey (Fall)