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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Staff Directory

  Name    Position      Ext. 
  Fraternity Staff           
  Mark Timmes    Chief Executive Officer     5301
  Marvin Hackney    Chief Financial Officer     5303
  Katie Baker     Director of Newsletters & Special Projects     5069
  Vicky Halsey    Executive Assistant & Office Manager     5300
  Janet Luisa   Accountant     5732
  Mindy Welch   Accountant     5318
  Brandon Belote    Assist. Exec. Dir.of Chapter Development     5304
  Brent Grunig     Director of Chapter Development     5311
  C. Brad Middleton     Director of Chapter Operations     5310
  James Maloney    Director of Expansion & Growth     5339
  Dalton Guthery    Assistant Director of Expansion     5315
  Beau Samples     Director of Chapter Volunteers     5314
  Kate Andrews    Coordinator of Chapter Development     5321
  Parker Begale    Leadership Consultant      
  Conner Burk    Senior Leadership Consultant      
  Zack Cockerham    Senior Leadership Consultant      
  Shane Conway    Leadership Consultant      
  Bentley Corbett-Wilson    Leadership Consultant      
  Preston Court    Leadership Consultant      
  Ryan Gajda    Senior Leadership Consultant      
  Christopher Huffman    Leadership Consultant      
  Phillip Jackson    Leadership Consultant      
  Buddy McGrath    Leadership Consultant      
  Josiah Mihok    Leadership Consultant      
  Joshua Ricci    Leadership Consultant      
  Harris Rosendahl    Leadership Consultant      
  Justin Angotti    Assist. Exec. Dir. of Education & Accountability     5305
  Meghan Gibson     Director of Program Logistics     5757
  Lori Hart    Senior Director of Strategic Prevention Initiatives      
  Brooke Kingsley Isbell     Director of Prevention Education      
  Dylan McKenzie    Assistant Director of Education     5316
  Rachel Westra    Director of Leadership Development     5317
  ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT             
  Denise Nelson    Assist. Exec. Dir. of Alumni Engagement     5306
  Andrew Bublitz     Director of Alumni Engagement     5309
  Carrie Clifford     Director of Alumni Engagement     5324
  Todd Shelton    Assist. Exec. Dir. of Communication & Technology     5308
  John Andrews    Director of Digital Media & Marketing     5313
  Justin Horne    Assistant Communication Director     5381
  Victor Tran    Assistant Communication Director     5319
  Greg Figlia    Information Systems Manager     5391
  Foundation Staff           
  Chris Conner     Director of Development     5771
  Curt Herzog    Senior Director of Development     5366
  DeVin Taylor    Annual Fund Coordinator     5384
  Chris Shade    Director of Development     5383
  Properties Staff           
  Greg Buehner    Executive Vice President of Asset Management     5360
  David Wallace    Asset Manager     5361
  Jim Wimmer    Asset Manager     5362
  Matt Zellars    Real Estate Analyst     5766
  The Ability Experience Staff           
  Basil Lyberg    Chief Executive Officer     5379
  Chelsea Ball    Director of Logistics     5395
  Spencer Haworth    Regional Director of Chapter Services     5394
  Eric Kierszkowski    Chapter Services Coordinator     5385
  Andrew Matznick    Director of Program Development     5387
  Chris Shade    Director of Development     5383
  Terrie Smith    Executive Assistant     5380
  Gary Sugg    Regional Director of Chapter Services (SE)     5377
  DeVin Taylor    Annual Fund Coordinator     5384
  Matt Sutter     Project Manager - TransAmerica route     5397
  Daniel Hansbury   Project Manager - North Route     5382
  Joey Smith    Project Manager - South Route     5392