Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity


Official Logos and Colors

Pi Kappa Phi's official colors are white and gold, with an auxiliary blue. Please follow the guide below when using these colors in anything related to the fraternity.

To avoid making errors in your materials, read the Brand Guidelines.

 The Pi Kappa Phi brand is much more than a logo. It is who we are as an organization, who we want to be and how people perceive us—all at once.

The organization’s brand is the reputation we’ve spent years building. It’s one of the most valuable assets we have and should be managed carefully.

The “brand experience” happens every time our fraternity touches a student, prospect, professor, researcher, partner and the community. Consistent use of branding reminds people of their positive experience with us when they see proper brand marks and official communications. Whether we communicate in person, in publications, on outdoor boards, in newsletters - each contact is an opportunity to leave a lasting positive experience on the public, university officials, prospective associate members, family members and supporters of Pi Kappa Phi. Our brand marks and communications will be reminders of the good we do in the world and the leadership we bring. That’s what branding is all about.


Downloadable Logo Files

Click HERE to download Star Shield logo
Click HERE to download logo left aligned with name
Click HERE to download logo centered with name
Click HERE to download logo centered with name and tagline
Click HERE to download The Ability Experience logo

For EPS/vector files, larger, or different versions of logos, email Victor Tran at vtran@pikapp.org
 Pi Kappa Phi Lft Aligned Name Star Shield 
 Pi Kappa Phi Centered Name Star Shield Logo 
 Pi Kappa Phi Centered Name Star Shield Tagline Logo
Star Shield
 Pi Kappa Phi Logo Star Shield 

Pi Kappa Phi Symbols

Coat of Arms
Member Badge