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North Carolina State chapter placed on interim suspension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - March 19, 2015 — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity placed its Tau Chapter at North Carolina State University on interim suspension Thursday evening pending the outcome of an investigation into derogatory comments and quotes allegedly written by its members.

“The written comments and quotes reported earlier this evening are offensive and unacceptable,” said Pi Kappa Phi Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes. “These statements are inconsistent with the values of Pi Kappa Phi and will not be tolerated.”

“We have instructed our students to cooperate fully with all investigation efforts,” added Timmes.

Pi Kappa Phi believes people of all races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, HIV statuses and other protected classes contribute to the collective achievements of this nation and its universities. The fraternity has clear policies that prohibit discrimination, as well as abusive and sexist conduct.

Pi Kappa Phi seeks to create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities. Dating back to the fraternity’s founding on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C., Pi Kappa Phi has exemplified a commitment to leadership, service before self, and building a better world. Today, on more than 180 campuses across America, Pi Kappa Phi continues to broaden its commitment to building exceptional leaders through uncommon opportunities.


For more information, contact Todd Shelton at tshelton@pikapp.org or 615-364-1419.