Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Alumni Chapter Annual Survey

The following survey assists the National Fraternity in assessing the levels of engagement opportunities provided to fraternity alumni, and is a tool used for recognizing alumni chapters with annual awards. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. 

Basic Information

Your Name:   
Official title of your alumni org:   


Basic Governance and Finance

What function(s) does your organization currently serve?  
Does your organization have written bylaws?  
If yes, what year were they most recently updated?   
Do you collect dues?   
Does your organization maintain articles of incorporation with its home state; if necessary?  
Is your organization registered with the federal government as a nonprofit organization?  
Did your organization complete a form 990EZ with the federal government in the last fiscal year?  



Data Integrity 

Do you have an alumni contact list?       
If so, does your organization actively exchange alumni contact information with the National Fraternity to ensure that this information is accurate in the central database?    

Web / Social Media

Does your organization maintain a website and / or social media that chapter alumni can be directed to in order to remain informed?    
Does your organization produce and distribute an alumni newsletter at least once annually?    
For any of the following that your alumni org currently maintains, please copy and paste the hyperlink to its main page.   
Org Website:      
Facebook Page:      
Twitter Handle (example: @pikappaphi) :      
LinkedIn Group:      




Does your organization organize and host at least one annual event open to all chapter alumni?  
Has your organization hosted any events regionally in the last year in metro areas where your alumni currently reside?  
Has your organization hosted any events in the last year specifically for segments of the chapter population (i.e. pledge class reunions, founding fathers, Pi Alphas, archons, etc)?  


Does your organization collaborate with the student chapter to conduct a subritual / ceremony for graduating seniors?   
Does your organization collaborate with the National Fraternity to enroll members with new children into the Family Member Program?   
Does your organization actively recognize alumni with a legion presentation upon major anniversaries of initiation (i.e. 25th, 50th, 60th)?   



Active Officers / Committees

Does your organization host at least one annual business meeting in which  alumni are welcomed to attend?   
Please update your committee leadership here:   
VP of Events (or similar)  
VP of Membership (or Similar)  
Secretary (VP of Communications or similar)  
Does your organization have additional committees outside of the executive council?   
If yes, then please list them here:    


Does your organization or its members host or participate in service projects related to The Ability Experience in the
region? These may include, but are not limited to, Accessibility Projects, Ability Weekends and Ability Camps.

Do members of your organization sponsor, organize, host, or participate in sponsored meals,
hospitality events, or provision of lodging for a national The Ability Experience team during a
national The Ability Experience event (i.e. Build America, Journey of Hope, Gear Up Florida)?

Does your organization conduct any fundraisers for The Ability Experience? Funds raised may go directly
to The Ability Experience, be contributed toward the student chapter’s fundraising goals, or toward
Pi Alpha event (i.e. Journey of Hope) participant(s) fundraising goals.

Do members of your organization organize, host, or participate in a Ability Experience Challenge event?   
If so, please share which event and names of attendees from your chapter  




Does your organization actively contribute to Pi Kappa Phi Foundation’s Leadership Fund?   
Does your organization maintain a chapter scholarship?   
If yes, is this through Pi Kappa Phi Foundation or through other means?   

Student Chapter Support

Does your organization actively encourage its members to recommend new members / refer legacies?

Does your organization actively support the student chapter’s Council of
Advisors through any necessary collaboration and offer assistance in
identifying prospective advisors to add to the Council?

Does your organization assist in the identification of suitable candidates for alumni initiation?



Does your organization provide opportunities for alumni to serve as mentors
to students or young alumni, focusing on career development or other matters?
If so, please describe here: